Our Mission
We exist to provide our operating companies with exceptional support and leadership to fulfill their unique missions.

Our Vision
We will be the best provider of management services in our industry across the nation.

Our Values
Dignity & Respect
We recognize the inherent value of each individual and are committed to building positive relationships by treating all people with dignity and respect.

We are committed to being authentic, honest and genuine, while holding ourselves and others accountable to do the right thing.

Our team leads by example, providing clear direction to develop others and build high performing teams. We drive for results by using strategic foresight.

Attitude of Service
We strive to approach everything we do with humility and a willingness to listen and learn. We seek to build solutions together.

Professional Business Practices
As an industry leader, we maintain a strong network of partnerships. We emphasize continuous learning and innovation. Our commitment to agile and efficient business processes result in outcomes that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Welcome to Embassy's ULearn!

What a great place to be online - either on your own to get the training and resources you need, or with others across the span of distance as we collaborate and learn together. Login with your email address. Passwords are initially set to "embassy" yet when you log in you will be able to change your password.

Hover over your name on the top left of the screen. To see the courses you are in, click on "Your Sections." Then select one to enter it.

Also, when you hover over your name on the top left of the screen, you can choose to add in all sorts of details of who you are, including a photo! What you choose to share about yourself is up to you.

Have fun exploring!
Embassy Management LLC

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